Can Free Paraphrasing Tool Be Really Helpful?

Paraphrasing can often be a lot more difficult than we at first think. After all, you have to reword something with a text paraphraser so that the original meaning is still in tact. You also have to worry about issues such as plagiarism, spelling and grammar. For anyone who isn’t a skilled writer, paraphrasing can soon become something of a nightmare. The great thing is that there are plenty of free rephrasing tool’s available on the Internet that will reward your documents for you in a matter of seconds. Free and convenient, they seem like a dream come true. But are they really all that useful? Let’s take a look.

Pros of a Free Rephrasing Tool


Perhaps the best thing about a free sentence rephrasing tool online is that you don’t get charged a fee. Unlike professional paraphrasing services, a free sentence rephrasing tool online is totally free with no hidden costs.


A free sentence rewording tool is super-convenient for anyone who is in a hurry. You simply copy and past any text you want rewording and voila! the program reproduces the reworded text in a matter of seconds.

Hassle Free

There are no hidden costs, and you don’t need to sign up to anything or submit your personal information. With no hassle involved, a free sentence rewording tool seems like a very attractive proposition.

Cons of a Free Rephrasing Tool

Not 100% Accurate

Although a free rephrasing tool does a very good job at rephrasing your text, it isn’t always 100% accurate. There may be grammar mistakes, and sometimes the online paraphrase tool confuses adjectives for nouns.

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You Have To Proof-Read Yourself

A free sentence rephrasing tool online also comes without any proof-reading features which means that you have to proof-read the rewritten text yourself to make sure that it is absolutely free from errors. This can take up some time.

Example Of Rewording Done By A Free Sentence Rewording Tool


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