What Do You Need After: Editing or Proofreading?

Articles, essays, and other types of write-ups need editing and proofreading. You may think, those two words, editing, and proofreading may mean the same. Sorry to break the ice, it is not the same. These words may sound synonymic but they differ in meaning. Knowing the distinction between the two is very important to creating the best write up.

Paraphrasing takes skill. Many professional editing services take up major rephrase online. But after you create a content that comes from various paraphrases, is it time to edit or to proofread?  The answer lies ahead. So make sure to understand the bout between editing vs proofreading to create the best content you will ever need.

The issue between editing and proofreading involves another process and that is copyediting. You will understand the differences between the three processes below.

Editing – Making the Vague Clear

Editing involves changes in a document. Imagine writing your own article. To further enhance the quality of your write-up, you consult an editor.  The editor can rewrite, paraphrase, summarize, or even change the style of your write-up.

The editor changes things in your documents. This ensures a great flow in the text. They also make sure that there are cohesiveness and clarity in the text. As such, they try to remove the cloudy bits of the piece. They try to make vague descriptions into crystal clear writings. This is what their skills are about. Making your write-up sounding beautiful without risking its message!

Editors also tackle issues like using too much passive voice sentences and wordiness. With the help of editors, you can see your write-up in a completely new style. They may also correct the typos and other incorrect things in the document. They focus on making the content sound good, flow efficiently, and deliver accordingly. You can look for essay editing help from experts online, too.

Proofreading – Seeing What Is Wrong

Editors focus more on making the content understandable. In proofreading, the focus faces towards the errors in the document. As such, proofreaders are keener on seeing mistakes. They see those that the computer may otherwise miss.

Proofreaders check your syntax errors, grammatical errors, incorrect spelling, and even the language. Proofreaders read your content to see any kind of mistake. A great proofreader will be able to see through the errors even in thousands of words. They also look for the kind of English you use. So, if you use British English, they’ll change every aspect of your write-up to British English. Some also offer English proofreading service cheap for better write-ups.

Proofreaders aren’t just any kind of error-tracking group. They even have their own signs and marks. When you see a hard copy full of marks, remember that those are not random. A proofreader that has marked the error in your write-up carefully placed them in the document. They can also do it on the computer but to get close and personal is much better. Still, there are many online proofreading services abounds today.

Editing Vs Proofreading

Both things are needed when you paraphrase a whole article, essay, or any kind of write-up. As such, understanding how they differ in the simplest form is important. Here they are in easy to understand bullets:

 Editing  Proofreading
  • Aims to make vague statements clear
  • Can change the style of writing
  • Can rewrite the whole thing and keep the same idea.
  • Removes wordiness in a write-up
  • Aims for coherence, clarity, and cohesiveness.
  • Minor error checking
  • Focuses on how the article reads, feels, and delivers
  • Checks for errors in the document
  • Goes beyond editing and checks the document more thoroughly
  • Aims to correct the grave mistakes in the document
  • Checks for the consistency in the language and regional language
  • Does the proofreading on hard and soft copies
  • Strictly error-checking

Wait, What Is Copyediting?

Copyediting is more like a proofread. This term is most often used in the UK and its constituents. But, these people can cost more than a proofreader. This is because they do not only check for errors; they also have a field of expertise. The specialized copy editor will check every fact you have included. They check names, places, dates, statistics, and other references and facts. This is to see if it is accurate and if it befits the citation styles you chose for the write-up.

Copyeditors are much like an upgraded type of proofreader. This time, their focus is on the content and the facts. They do minor changes to the style but do not have the same expertise as an editor.

editing vs proofreading difference

Which Comes First, Then?

You have to do all these after paraphrasing an article. After finishing a write-up, you will first need to get it edited. This removes any kind of vague statements and unclear messages. Editors will also make sure you are free from plagiarism and will paraphrase as needed. Of course, they will still attribute it to the different authors.

It could go both ways from here on. But it is best if your write-up comes to the desk of a copy editor first. They will check your facts and see the places, dates, and works cited in the write-up. They also ensure the proper referencing. They use the APA style, MLA style, and other styles used by famous schools. This includes Harvard colleges.

It should fall to the proofreader last. The proofreader will look for all other errors and mistakes in the document. Those may come in the form of grammatical errors, incorrect spelling, and wrong use of punctuation marks and so on. This should be the last step for the final revision to take place. The perfect article will then be created.

People Who Know How to Write

Doing all these in an article, essay, or any kind of write-up takes time. Why not entrust it to the professionals? They do paraphrasing service cheap and easy. When you ask the professionals to paraphrase, they’ll give you proofreading for free! Editing is also done by native English speakers so you do not have to worry about the content.

Let the experts of editing vs proofreading take a look at your write-up! Don’t hesitate and create great content now!