FAQs about Online Paraphrase Tool

What is a paraphrase?

It is the rewriting of an author’s published material in your own words. It is usually applied to a small amount of material, and it follows the construction of the author’s idea quite closely. Essentially, it is a form of reprocessing. Paraphrasing when reading and note-making, is a way of checking that you have really understood the content of what you have read. You also need to be able to paraphrase ideas for conclusion in your assignment. Too many direct quotes are not acceptable in academic writing instead; you are expected to be able to succinctly paraphrase an author’s ideas for assimilation into your own argument.

What is the difference between using an online paraphrase tool and manual paraphrasing?

The only good thing about automatic online paraphrase tool is its speed. You paste the text and in a couple of minutes, you get the paraphrase. But once you look closer at the results, you see a dozen grammar and stylistic mistakes, not mentioning that the text now does not make any sense. And how does manual paraphrasing differ from the paraphrase tool? First of all, you see that the text flows naturally. There are no grammar, spelling or stylistic mistakes. Also, the paper is absolutely new, plagiarism-free.

In what country are you located?

We are an online company that serves people from any part of the world.

How does paraphrasing with you work?

You first choose a service and make an order.  We will then send you a confirmation email and assign a writer to you. The writer will have the right background for the topic of your paper. After some time you will receive the first draft. Request edits if you don’t like something in your paper and send feedback to the writer. You will get the final paper on time.

What if I don’t like the final paper and still think I had better use a tool?

You may always feel free to request a 100% money back. But be sure that you will be satisfied with our work. We also provide additional guarantees that include: on-time delivery, 100% original texts and free final proofreading. We do care about your satisfaction and therefore, provide revisions for free.

Do I get any free features using your service?

Yes. With your paper, you get free proofreading and unlimited free adjustments. Furthermore, we will be glad to revise your paper for free if you have any comments. Additionally, we also offer custom research on demand, adding references to the paper, rephrasing conclusions and even redoing graphical material.

What is the difference between paraphrasing and summarizing? Can I order other services, besides paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is re-writing another writer’s words or ideas in your own words without altering the original meaning. The paraphrased is about the same length as the original one since the purpose is to rephrase without leaving out anything and not to shorten. Summarizing, on the other hand, is putting down the main ideas of someone else’s work in your own words. A summary is normally shorter than the original since the idea is to include only the main points of the original work and to leave out the irrelevant.

I have problems with logging in. Can you help me?

Of course, we can. You need to press ? in the right corner of the screen and enter your email address. We will send you login details immediately.

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