How to Paraphrase in a Research Paper and Avoid Plagiarism

how to paraphrase in a research paper

Why do you need to know how to paraphrase in a research paper?
Any research paper will seek to show the background of the topic that you are researching as well as comparing what you are saying to what other researchers have found and said. To do this you will need to refer to their work and what they have said. However your research paper should not be a mass of cut and paste quotations. You need to write in your own words directed at your audience not just use the words of others instead of your own. This means that you need to learn how to paraphrase in a research paper so that you can show that not only do you understand what the original author has said but how to communicate that meaning to your audience in support or either against what you want to write about. Lack of knowledge about proper paraphrasing is one of the reasons for plagiarism in academic writing.

Why is plagiarism important when paraphrasing research paper content?
Plagiarism is using another researcher’s words or ideas within your own work without proper attribution. You need to ensure that you give credit to the person that first came up with what you are writing about and not appear to claim it as your own. It is rare that students will purposely plagiarize another’s work however it does happen and the punishments are usually expulsion when you are working at a high level within your education. Accidental plagiarism does however happen quite often when a student fails to ensure that they have cited their source or have failed to indicate that they have used a direct quotation. If you need to paraphrase my paper, follow the tips provided below.

How to avoid plagiarism when learning how to paraphrase in a research paper?
The following are some tips for learning how to paraphrase in a research paper without falling foul of plagiarism:
  • Ensure that when you take your notes during your research that you highlight whether you have recorded a direct quotation or have paraphrased what has been said. Also ensure that you record all of the information required for your citation.
  • Provide a full citation even if you have paraphrased what the original author has said.
  • Ensure that full quotations are enclosed within inverted commas to show that it is a quotation. This should also be done even for short phrases lifted directly from the original text.

We know how to paraphrase in a research paper?
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