How to Paraphrase My Essay Online

paraphrase my essayDo I need help to paraphrase my essay?

Being able to paraphrase online is a skill that you will need to master, especially if you are doing any form of academic writing. Paraphrasing means that you will repeat what you have read or heard in your own words which should be totally different to the original. Unlike summarizing which only repeats the main points and will reduce the length significantly paraphrasing typically results in text that will similar in length to the original. Many people struggle with it however as they do not manage to change the text enough or they do not repeat the original meaning. This is why when you want someone to “paraphrase my essay” you may wish to seek out professional help.

How do I reword my essay?

Firstly you need to decide why specifically you want to paraphrase your essay, after all that will have a direct effect on what and how you will write. Typically you will be paraphrasing an essay to:

  • Improve the way that it was written
  • To make it simpler to understand
  • To target a different audience
  • To use in another location without issues with plagiarism

The you should follow the following steps to do your paraphrasing:

  • Read the original essay until you are sure that you fully understand everything raised within it.
  • Make simple notes in your own words of each of the points that the essay raises.
  • Rewrite your essay using your notes and not looking back at the original.
  • Then compare your paraphrased essay with the original and rewrite anything that has been inadvertently copied.

To avoid plagiarism do not:

  • Work your way through the text to change words for their synonyms
  • Just change the order of the text
  • Only change a few words – everything should be changed

Who can paraphrase my essay?

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