How to Paraphrase My Sentence Online

paraphrase my sentence

Do I really need help to paraphrase my sentence?

Paraphrasing is used extensively in academic writing and also in other areas. It is the act of taking what someone else has written or said and then repeating the full meaning in your own words. Typically you will do this for one of the following reasons:

  • To show that you fully understand what was originally said.
  • To make something easier to understand.
  • To improve the original writing.
  • To target a different audience.
  • To avoid issues with plagiarism.

But learning how to paraphrase a sentence is not always as simple as it seems. Many people will still reuse too much of the original text in their paraphrase or they will fail to maintain the original meaning. This is why when you are struggling you may want someone to “paraphrase my sentence.”

Tips to help paraphrase my sentence

To be able to online paraphrase you need to remember that the key is that you need to actually understand what was originally said. You are not going to mechanically change individual words for their synonyms as a piece of software would or just slightly change the order of the words. The following tips will help you with your paraphrasing:

  • Read the text several times so that you are sure that you completely understand what is being said.
  • Make a series of notes that detail each point using your own words.
  • Rewrite the text using your own words with reference to your notes not the original.
  • Compare the paraphrased text to the original and reword anything that is too close to the original.

Some other things that can help you to paraphrase are:

  • Often one or two words can replace several words.
  • You can change the voice from passive to active.
  • You can make your writing more precise and concise.
  • You can reduce wordiness.
  • You can combine shorter sentences.

Who can reword my sentence online?

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