How to Paraphrase Thesis Professionally

paraphrase thesis

Do you need help to paraphrase thesis text?

Paraphrasing is repeating the meaning of what someone else has either verbally said or written using your own different words. Unlike summarizing which will only repeat the core meaning of the text and will reduce its length considerably, paraphrasing will repeat every point and will result in text of a similar length to the original. We use paraphrasing to:

  • Avoid issues with plagiarizing
  • Allowing us to post content in more than one location without penalty
  • To show that we fully understand something
  • To simplify text to make it easier to understand
  • To improve the original writing
  • To target a different audience

Paraphrasing however is never as simple as it first seems and many writers will have issues with it. Many will fail to change the wording enough or they will miss some of the original points raised.

How to paraphrase thesis text

If you want to online paraphrase thesis text so that everything is in your own unique words then the following tips will help you:

Read the original text thoroughly and ensure that you understand it fully.
Make some simple notes in your own unique words for each of the points raised.
Ensure that you are sure of the reason for doing the paraphrasing; such as simplifying the text.
Rewrite the text using only your own notes and without reference to the original.
Compare your text to the original and modify any text that you may have accidently copied word for word.

Avoiding plagiarism when your paraphrase thesis text

When you paraphrase any text within your thesis you still need to provide a citation to show that you are using someone else’s words and ideas. Even when you fully changed what they have said you should still give due credit within your thesis. If you have directly quoted another then it should be within speech marks to show it, even if you have only quoted a few important words and paraphrased the rest.

Remember that paraphrasing is repeating the meaning and not just working through text to change a few words for their synonyms or modifying the order they have been used in a little. Do not use software that will just swap words, always seek to fully understand what was written and then rewrite completely.

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Who can paraphrase my work?

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