How to Take Advantage of a Free Paraphrasing Tool

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At some point or another in life, each of us will need to paraphrase a document. Whilst there do exist paraphrasing services online that charge a fee, it is often the chase that many of us would prefer to use a free paraphrasing tool. But is a free online paraphrase software accurate, and is it worth using? Let’s take a look.

Characteristics of a Good Free Paraphrasing Tool

A free paraphrasing tool often looks like a very simple device. Whilst there are a high number of free paraphrasing tool online available, each and every one tends to look the same. Essentially, you land on a page where you will find two empty white boxes. In one box, you enter the text that you would like paraphrasing. Then, once you’ve pressed “Paraphrase”, the paraphrased text appears in the second box.

The only real difference from one paraphrase online tool to another is their accuracy. For example, some will use better technology than others to generate better results. And when it comes to using a paraphrasing tool, it is often better to do your research to find out which ones are the best.

Why People Need a Free Online Paraphrasing Tool

Although paraphrasing services that charge a fee are relatively affordable, there are still reasons why people would need to use a free paraphrasing tool online.

For example, they might have little time. When you use a paid paraphrasing tool/service, there is often a process involved that starts with initial contact, before payment is processed. Then, the writer will start to work on paraphrasing the document. Because a paid paraphrasing tool/service uses actual writers to paraphrase the text, the service takes more time. Conversely, a paraphrasing tool uses a piece of technology to paraphrase the text in seconds. The biggest reason people use free paraphrasing tools is out of convenience, but many are also not really willing to pay a fee because they believe that a free tool can do just as much as a paid service can.

Lastly, it’s free!

Tips for Using a Free Online Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphrasing tools are really easy to use. You simply copy and paste your text into one of the empty boxes, before pressing “Paraphrase.” Your paraphrased text then appears in the second box.

Although the process is simple, a free paraphrasing tool online is in no way 100% accurate, and we therefore strongly recommend that you carry out your own proofreading and copy editing to ensure that there are no mistakes in your text.

free online paraphrasing tool assistanceBut Is a Free Paraphrasing Tool Actually Helpful?

A free paraphrasing tool is only really helpful if English is not your first language and/or you’re struggling to find alternatives for many of the words in the original text. Otherwise, a free paraphrasing tool online only offers help in so much that your paraphrased text is different to the original text, and no plagiarism has been carried out. But if you want your text to flow, and to make sense, free paraphrasing tools are not really the way to go. After all, you get what you pay for.

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