How To Use Free Paraphrasing

At some point or another, all of us will have to paraphrase something. Paraphrasing in real life conversation is easy and comes natural to us, but paraphrasing an important document is a different story altogether. Due to the complexities of paraphrasing text, many of us seek help from free paraphrasing tools and services. But how useful is online free paraphrasing, and is it worth our time? Let’s take a look.

How To Find A Good Free Paraphrasing Online Tool

There is certainly a reason why the saying “you get what you pay for” rings true. Sure enough, paraphrase online tool is not going to be as accurate as a professional paraphrasing service that charges a fee. To make sure that you get the most out of free paraphrasing online and find the best paraphrasing tool online, take a look at our hints and tips:

Take Note Of Google Rankings

free paraphrasingThe higher up Google an online free paraphrasing service is, the more reputable they are likely to be. It is worth noting, though, that a number of free online paraphrase services jam their websites with keywords in a bid to achieve higher rankings. If the welcome text on the homepage looks erratic and doesn’t make much sense, take it as a warning sign that the website is not reputable.

Ask Forums

free online paraphrasingForums are a great place to ask questions. If you want to find the best paraphrasing tool online, why not ask forum members?


How To Use A Free Online Paraphrasing Tool Without Help

Free online paraphrasing tools are remarkably simple to use. All you need to do is copy and paste the text you want paraphrasing into the first empty box that you see, before pressing “Paraphrase.” The rewritten text will then appear in the second box. All done!

Some free paraphrasing online services and tools require you to answer a simple math challenge before paraphrasing. This is to make sure you aren’t a bot. Don’t worry though, the questions are really easy!

Our Best Paraphrasing Tool

Whilst an online free paraphrasing tool is really convenient and totally free, they do come without all the advantages that you get from a professional paraphrasing service like ours at

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