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Plagiarism in America and in the rest of the world, in general, is a burning question these days. A great way of avoiding plagiarism is to simply paraphrase your text or rewrite an essay. Do you want to use another writer’s work without the use of quotes? The ideas of other writers are more important than your style? Do you think that the words of the other writer are too difficult for your readers? Come to our paraphrasing service online and your problems will be sorted. We will provide you with such services:
  • Paragraph paraphrasing – we can paraphrase a big document, noting down the main points of all paragraphs.
  • Sentence paraphrasing – we will reformulate sentence by sentence in our own words while the meaning remains the same.
  • Text paraphrasing – our experts will paraphrase all your text manually, restructuring all sentences and leaving technical words as they are.

Some people make rewording their way of living. If you aren’t that good with language and written communication, you can leave it to our experts. This way, you can relax and let them handle your needs in essay revision and other writing needs. What’s more, is that they make it plagiarism-free for you. So if you ever want help rewording sentences, you can consult them. The importance of rewording actually reflects your main idea. The better you reword, the better the idea comes through. No one will ever need to wonder what you have said. You also impress people with your plagiarism freestyle.

Academic Writing and Plagiarism: Get Help from Paraphrase Services

Academic writing works just as a way to communicate things in a more serious and professional way. Also, this method helps the writer to demonstrate clearly and give support to his ideas due to the different features this kind of writing offers to its users. Even so, academic writing is used by almost every undergraduate, scholar and professional in the world. But its main purpose is to improve and enhance the learning capacities of the people who read and study with this kind of writing. However, academic writing is not something that can be used by everyone, as it needs much preparation and great knowledge on the subject the writer wants to talk about with his work.

Being a complex way of writing, there are many things that should be done and learned while trying to portray an idea or research academically. As it holds a lot of difficulties, there are many mistakes that can arise from writing incorrectly or just not following the right rules.

Even so, it requires not only the necessary knowledge on the subject and the form of writing; it actually demands the writer to have the proper skills in order to craft his work correctly. And something that can happen when the writer is not correctly versed on the academic writing form is plagiarism. To avoid plagiarism is one of the main things every academic writer wants to do. Especially when it is very important, being research, report, essay, dissertation or just even an application letter to a university.

That’s why it is important that you know the perfect way to avoid plagiarism in order to stay away from damage with your work. If you want to know more about this subject, University of Pittsburg has a great article about Academic Integrity: Avoiding Plagiarism and Understanding Research Ethics from which you can learn. Furthermore, it is important to say that one of the best ways to avoid plagiarism is by using the correct form of rehashing.

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How Paraphrase Service Online Can Help You to Avoid Plagiarism

If you know the difference between using others’ ideas and using your own, know how to mix both and eventually get the best from two ways of thinking and end up with a better outcome, you still always need a good way of paraphrasing, something that will help you do it and eventually make it looks good without any plagiarism or grammar mistakes.

And there’s no better way to do it than using a paraphrasing service that will rewrite your paper and eventually deliver the best results you can expect from a service that not only helps with rewording but also offers the best proofreading services you can long for with your university works. The following are some services we can provide you with:

Paraphrase Service

Effective tools are needed to reshape words and phrases to suit many writing tasks that are required at colleges. We have all these tools in our data banks. They have been tested and proved to be important by so many graduates in recognized colleges all over the world. We are not doing a test print page with you, we have live examples of professors, lecturers whom we did work for, and they are a living success.

Paraphrase Service Online

We use paraphrasing as a writing technique. It allows us to summarize another writer’s ideas to fit with our candidates’ ideas. Or use another writer’s ideas to prove a thesis in our paraphrase services.

Paraphrase Words Online

At college lecturers expect you to demonstrate an understanding of major ideas/concepts in your particular discipline. Paraphrasing and summarizing allow students to develop and demonstrate their interpretation. We do offer this service for those who cannot do it on their own. Catch us on our website and we will bail you out.

Paraphrase Essay Online

Performing essay paraphrasing to avoid plagiarism is not easy. But with our experts, it is very simple. All you have to do is bring your essay to us. To paraphrase essay sections within your own essay is not unusual. Some candidates do it to add insight in their work while others do it for the love of doing it. We will do it for you at a very cheap rate compared to our competitors and you will like the final piece of work we present to you. While at it, we will show that we understand what the original writer meant and use another writer’s work without incurring penalties for plagiarism. Paraphrase service online has experts from any field you might need, so don’t worry, your paper will be in good hands.

We don’t only deliver the best paraphrase services, we also can help you to proofread your paper in a way that makes me feel immensely pleased. So if you want to make your academic papers look good, not only because it is utterly important that your work looks convincing but that it is made by using great academic writing skills in it, you can totally do it with an essay rewrite service help. Therefore, holding great academic writing skills is of most importance if you want your work to look good, but many times it is necessary to use this kind of services as they will do it without effort and even better than you can. However, it is important that you know the difference between rewriting and revising, as you will need to be sure if this kind of service is what you need.
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Choosing the Best Paraphrase Service Online

If you need help with rewording, there’s no better choice for you than an essay rewrite service. These services will offer you the easiest and most effective way to avoid plagiarism and make your work seem as if it was entirely written by a professional.

Nonetheless, choosing the right service can be a hard process, that’s why we’ve made a list of the best features of how to rewrite an essay.

  • Summary. This is one of the features to look for on a rewriting service. An effective summary or paraphrasing of the original text will be of most importance in order to deliver the best results in academic work.
  • Avoiding plagiarism. While using the paraphrase service, you should look for cues of likeness between the original text and the one that was rewritten in order to avoid plagiarism. If the service does this properly, without any likeness between the two, it is very probable to be a great service.
  • Quoting and citation. Another great feature that an essay rewrite service can have is the quoting and citation one. This feature helps the writer to develop his ideas properly with quotes and citations. If done correctly, both citation and quoting will improve immensely the effectiveness and professionalism of the paper. By using these three powerful features you can be sure that the service offers exactly what you want. And you will be totally pleased with the outcome.

Despite this, let me tell you that if you need some help with rewording in your paper, if you want to know how to rewrite an essay properly and you want to know about the best essay rewriter online, we invite you to contact us and we will put you on the right way.

How to Paraphrase Essay Online on Your Own

When you encounter great speeches, books, and even statements, you must jot them down. In the future, you can use it to fuel to your thoughts and ideas. These can drive your point to the ground with ease and comfort. Some statements can be very awe-inspiring. It can move your spirit and drive you to work better or do your best. Still, you must understand that quoting and paraphrasing is a rusty technique nowadays. Knowing that you must understand this, you should not take this for granted. You can try to make the statement put in other words or reworded. Many people have a hard time and need help rewording with auto paraphrasing.

Don’t worry! These 5 great tips in rewording will help you big time. You get your idea through by rewording essay without plagiarism.

Less is always better

Rewording needs you to be more precise. It is more like a summary than a direct quotation or paraphrase. As such, you’ll need to shorten the sentences to pack as much punch as they can. Wordy sentences and long paragraphs are a bore to read. Why? Because of their length, you lose a reader’s interest. You can try saying “because” instead of saying “due to this fact”. You can also say, “Can” instead of saying “has the ability to” or “is capable of”. Less is more in the world of writing. Driving your point with fewer words is actually much easier. When you do this, you make your words dense. Each paragraph packs ideas. No part of your writing will be a bore to read.

Do not omit the main idea, though. You should cut sentences and shorten them but never lose the thought. You’ll regret this grave mistake when you have passed your writing. Other people will notice it fast. Proofread before you pass it.

Be active!

Take this sentence “Students are asked to write essays.” In this sentence, you make the “students” helpless. The sentence emphasized the action more than the subject did. To correct this, you reword it into a sentence in the active voice.

“Teachers asked students to write essays.” Take note that you may sometimes need to add another subject. Still, the same idea goes with it. This time, “teachers” become your subject. See the difference between the two sentences.

You can still use passive voices. However, their use only portends to sentences you want to appear as flaccid or unexciting. A good rule of thumb to remember is to keep passive voices in your text less than 10%.

Avoid being too wordy

Being too wordy bores people. It also highlights your weakness – getting down to the point. Many students try doing this to make their essays long. This helps them pass the word limit. But, in writing, you should avoid this. You can write a paragraph in two sentences when you do this.

Try this: “Firemen, who douse the fire in the area, need to have new equipment like fire trucks and fireproof gear.” You can reword this sentence into a much simpler form. After rewriting it, it becomes, “Firemen need new fire trucks and fireproof gear.”

You take less space, you improve your quality and you avoid boring people. If you want people to read what you write, you should help them out. Long paragraphs frighten people. People can lose the idea in the text and forget what you want to prove. If they do lose it, they’ll have to go through it again.

Don’t use words that are obvious

Sometimes, you do not have to be poetic. You need to get down to whatever the idea is. You save time and space as well as keep your momentum alive. Keeping your words coherent and relevant is important. Stating the obvious makes it less interesting, though.

Everyone knows that a “ball” is “round.” Another fact is that “cockroaches” are “insects.” If this was a dissertation about what things are, you could do this. The striking thing about this is that you waste eye-power. Don’t make things hard for yourself. Write what is needed and omit redundancy.

This remains the easiest thing to do in essay rewording and paraphrasing. If you cannot do it, seek the help of people who do professional writing and the like.

Organize the thoughts

When writing, you may want to scribble everything down first. Check what you have and take out anything that looks redundant and obvious. When you do this, make sure you do not place them in random in the text. Service offers to keep this as a rule. When people look at the text, they want to see it in two ways: either building up or breaking down. You can start with a general statement and start discussing the bits and pieces. Otherwise, you can start using up small details and deduce your way to the general idea. You should keep the text organized. Unorganized text can be misleading and can drive people to misunderstand the text when you’re rewording an essay

reword sentences to avoid plagiarism

Academic writing is not as easy as it seems, especially when it comes to avoiding problems with plagiarism and proofreading. That’s why there are services that offer a custom rewrite option, helping the researcher to develop his work better and avoid plagiarism or simple problems with grammar or spelling.

When you rewrite an essay or paper, whatever the purpose it is, you will be able to develop a new idea from the beginning using already researched and made up work that will help you with yours. You can be totally assured that our paraphrasing service is the best on the internet. You will not only be using professional skills but also improving yours. Take the opportunity, hire our plagiarism article rewriter and get your well-polish paper that meets all needed requirements on time!

All you have to do is make an order and soon our paraphrasing service professionals will be working on your paper!