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Online rewording services are now one of the most used services on the internet. Due to the great amount of information we can take from the internet without any problem, there’s also a necessity to make that information original and different from any other. However, rewriting text online is something much more complex than that, even though it seems simple. Many people prefer rewriting the text and rephrasing a paragraph to avoid plagiarism, but one of the main purposes of these tools is to create totally new texts using other’s ideas. Even so, these tools often offer the possibility of adding facts, statistics, quotes and even citations from the original works in order to make it more real and original, without a trace of stolen info.

Even when it comes to academic writing, people are using text rewriting software that comes from the internet, making their work with far less quality than they should be and eventually make them fail at their tasks. Moreover, as James Seitz, the director of U.Va.’s academic writing program said “We want to introduce students to how to inquire before declaring an opinion. They usually haven’t learned this step, and start committing to work without knowing enough”. As his methods encourage people to research and look for information before learning, plagiarism is a huge enemy for him, especially when it comes from internet sources.

Paraphrase Text Online

Most academic texts are made of paraphrases. Candidates normally experience difficulties in writing paraphrases that are acceptable by their respective colleges. Our professionals are here to lend a helping hand. They are experienced in what they do and they will never go wrong with your work. Most texts are paraphrased to show that candidates understand the subject. You read the text and then rewrite it in your own words.  The most common errors made by candidates are that they just paraphrase a section of the text. This problem is normally noted by users who copied and pasted information from the internet without paraphrasing. They copy exactly the way it is without changing a word. This text is full of plagiarism. To avoid all this, we welcome you to our website where we have all the tools to paraphrase your text as you wait.

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Help with Paraphrasing Text Online

In order to succeed in text paraphrasing one has to stick to the meaning of the original writing. The technical word should not be paraphrased. The text in the sentences should be restructured (change the word order) in order to gain the meaning of paraphrasing. At the end of it all, the authors should be quoted to give credit to the source.

Our online tool is very good. It doesn’t just change a few phrases but it changes the words of the author significantly to make it a correct paraphrase. When you change just a couple of words and reference it, it doesn’t make it a paraphrase; it remains a copy of the original which turns out to be plagiarism. We don’t just switch around with sentences from the source, and then reference it. No, we change the sentence significantly to make it a correct paraphrase. We don’t patchwork (copying and pasting information from different sources to make a paragraph) we do, what we call, real paraphrasing. We are amongst the best paraphrasing websites, so contact us without hesitation!

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Reasons for Rewriting by Yourself

As many people do, rewriting text to avoid plagiarism is one of the main reasons to use a rewording tool or a paragraph rewording. However, there are many other reasons and advantages from doing it by yourself that are of real importance. These are:

  • Easiness to formulate arguments. When an academic student or an article writer uses a rewriting text online service, he’s missing the great advantage of learning and taking a lot of information that can eventually help him create better arguments against any kind of comment. Even so, academic writing helps the person to create more logical and critical thinking, improving skills in argument formulation thus helping to assemble better thoughts.
  • Improves writing skills. Even though a text rewriting software can make it easier for you and save time and effort, rewriting by yourself will be immensely better. Mainly because you will be able to improve your writing skills, especially if you decide to work with academic works that are one of the best kind of written works that can help anyone to improve their written communication to make it more intelligent and effective.
  • References, quotes, and citations. Yes, this is another reason for using a rewording tool. Thanks to the professionals who are in charge of the rewriting in these online services, you can make references, quotes, and citations with your academic works or articles, avoiding plagiarism and many other problems. Citing sources can be made in APA or MLA style, both achieving the same support and backed up information for the work.
  • Develops logical thinking. Just as the first reason, using a rewriting tool puts you apart from the benefits of reading a lot. If you don’t rewrite your work by yourself, you’re losing a lot of the benefits from taking important information for the works you are writing, making you less effective when talking about it and at the same time, much difficult when trying to give real or factual information.

Even though there are many reasons to rewrite your works by yourself, there are different ways to do it that will eventually help in achieving many other benefits. Take a look at the University of Leeds’ article Academic Writing: Using Others’ work to know more about the ways and benefits from rewriting work by yourself.importance of rewriting the text to avoid plagiarism

Tips on Rewriting Text Online

Even though writing and rewriting are very different, they share some similar outlines and rules. However, these rules are not exactly obligatory or necessary to follow, but taking them into account while rewriting will be of great benefit as they are especially though to help the writer to get better results.

  • Take notes. Yes, just as many people do while writing original content, there’s a great benefit from taking notes while rewriting, especially if they are about new ideas or original thought created from the reading of the original content. As Francis Bacon has said: “Write down the thoughts of the moment. Those that come unsought for are commonly the most valuable.”
  • Keep the writing natural. Even though rewriting text online will be of great help for you to save money and time, the language of your paper can feel robotic and unnatural. That’s why it is important that you do it by yourself, putting your own style into the work and avoiding those rhythm and flow problems that can make your work lose credibility.
  • Explain to make others understand. When rewriting an academic text, there’s a high chance that you will encounter many passages that will be difficult to understand and find out their real meaning. As a rewriter, your work will be of making it look more appealable and understandable, making use of the correct words and avoiding falling into jargon and many other difficult word combinations. Also, it will be of great help if you explain every subject as if the audience was a beginner on the field.
  • Revise as if you were writing from zero. Just as if you were trying to write a novel from the beginning while rewriting any kind of work you will have to befriend a dictionary and take into account your grammar, spelling, and syntax. However, even when you think you’ve taken enough precautions to avoid mistakes, there’s a high chance you’ve made them anyways. In these cases, revise, revise and revise more. “The difference between the right word and the almost-right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.” Mark Twain said in order to make people know that a mistake can bring great consequences to the credibility and meaning of a text.
  • Take it easy. Just as with writing original content, rewriting can be really difficult and sometimes very frustrating for not being able to find the right words to portray your own ideas on the matter or your own paraphrase of what you’ve just read. In these cases, taking it easy will always be the best thing you can do to avoid frustration and eventually find a way. “Every writer I know has trouble writing.” Joseph Heller said, in order to make people know that going crazy for it is not necessary as everyone faces their own difficulties.

These are the best tips you can find about text rewriting online if you put them into practice, you are very likely to develop your writing skills and have a better effectiveness when doing academic writing. However, if you want to learn more about some great ways to improve your writing, take a look at 10 Tips on Writing an Academic Journal from Rowena Murray.accurate text paraphraser

The Best Practice: Rewriting the Text to Avoid Plagiarism

When you rewrite any of your content by yourself, you will be able to accomplish much more from your own ideas and thoughts. However, using a rewriting text online tool will be of great help if you don’t have enough time or money at the moment, making it a really efficient and wonderful way to avoid failing on your assignments.

Even so, you can achieve a much clearer writing from using a rewording tool. Moreover, using a text rewriting online service will make it easier for you to develop your own ideas and eventually achieve every one of your objectives from your writing. But if you truly want to use rewriting the text to avoid plagiarism, there’s no better way than using our services that come from the hands of the most professional experts in the matter.

Paraphrase text online will totally please you if you choose to use our services, we totally assure total quality and no regrets at all!