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Most texts are paraphrased to show that candidates understand the subject. You read text and then rewrite it in your own words. We provide a software that does paraphrase for our candidates. It is easy to use and very fast. The cost is affordable. Just $3.00 per 200 words paraphrased.

Paraphrase text online

paraphrase text onlineMost academic texts are made of paraphrases. Candidates normally experience difficulties in writing paraphrases that are acceptable by their respective colleges. Our professionals are here to lend a helping hand. They are experienced in what they do and they will never go wrong with your work. The most common errors made by candidates are that they just paraphrase a section of the text. This problem is normally noted by users who copied and pasted information from the internet without paraphrasing. They copy exactly the way it is without changing a word. This text is full of plagiarism. To avoid all this, we welcome you to our website where we have all the tools to paraphrase your text as you wait.

Work with a pro text paraphraser

text paraphraserIn order to succeed in text paraphrasing one has to stick to the meaning of the original writing. The technical word should not be paraphrased. The text in the sentences should be restructured (change the word order) in order to gain the meaning of paraphrasing. At the end of it all, the authors should be quoted to give credit to the source.

Paraphrasing text online

paraphrasing text onlineOur online tool is very good. It doesn’t just change a few phrases but it changes the words of the author significantly to make it a correct paraphrase. When you change just a couple of words and reference it, it doesn’t make it a paraphrase; it remains a copy of the original which turns out to be plagiarism. We don’t just switch around with sentences from the source, and then reference it. No, we change the sentence significantly to make it a correct paraphrase. We don’t patchwork (copying and pasting information from different sources to make a paragraph) we do, what we call, real paraphrasing. We are amongst the best paraphrasing websites, so contact us without hesitation!

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