Online Paraphrasing Service: Paraphrasing and Summarizing and Quoting

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As a student or a writer, you must know how writing works. You can notice that you can use many techniques in writing. In fact, you can develop your own style and stick to it. Yet, some writers “write” without thinking of what they include. That kind of style is dangerous. You may have included words, phrases, or even sentences that belong to other people. Cases of plagiarism will draw near you if this goes unchecked. Because of these warnings, you should begin to understand three important terms. These are paraphrasing, quoting, and summarizing, and without this knowledge even using automatic paraphraser has no sense. 

Knowledge of the difference of the three will give you an edge over your style of writing. Any writer drafting his or her dissertations must understand the differences. After this, you can even start your own online rewording services. So, what is the difference between paraphrasing and summarizing and quoting?

What Is Paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing can make your mind spin. Students do this all the time to make their statements correct. You can use it to explain a sentence by another person but you say it in your own words. This way, you avoid copyright infringement and even cases of plagiarism. You can see many paraphrasing services online that can do it for you.

One good example would be General Douglas McArthur’s “I shall return.” When you try to paraphrase, you try to get the idea and not use the exact words. You can write “Gen. McArthur said he will return.” You see, the idea is not changed; you just used your own words and descriptions.

Be very careful, though. You still need to attribute the paraphrased thought to the original proponent. Failing to do so can cause you troubles. That is what is paraphrasing plagiarism. It can also bring in the air of doubt to your writing. Again, when you paraphrase, you say it in your own words but you still attribute it to the person who said it. If you’re not sure, you can try an online paraphrasing service or article rewriting service to help you. Don’t overuse paraphrasing, too!

How Do You Quote?

Quoting a person is not really hard. People use this to capture the thoughts and feelings of the original proponent. As such, it gives great gravity to whatever that person said. Moreover, this works more when the quote has been proven with time and history. Surely, you’ve seen ones written in texts and many kinds of literature. The Mass Media uses this often. Many politicians and other writers use it to justify their point.

As an example, you can try using the golden rule of Confucius: “Do not do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you.” When quoting, you do not omit anything and you use the exact words of the speaker. You can clip some of it like this: “… what you don’t want others to do unto you.” The same principle works, though. No changes in spelling, no changes in word arrangements.

You still have to attribute it to the correct person. When you do quote it, you take up a lot of space. Of course, you have to enclose the statement in quotation marks. Otherwise, it will be treated as a plagiarism attempt. You should also keep it minimal. One to two quotes is more than enough. Any paraphrasing essay service knows how to do it correctly. Those aspiring to get into graduate schools are discouraged in using quotes. Personal statements are needed and using these quotes make you look weak. Paraphrase, go for rewording service and/or seek paraphrase help online instead with paraphrasing online service.

What Is Summarizing?

Summarizing is one of the most common forms of getting ideas. You take the speech of a person, a whole book, a movie or the like and compress it into a single idea. When you take the idea, you should capture the main thought and the answers to some questions. This way, you do not miss any of the important details.

One can also make use of a written transcript. You should use it to highlight important thoughts. Once you capture the idea, you say it in your own words. Much like paraphrasing but this time, you paraphrase a big chunk of ideas. You can also do it with paraphrasing transcription service.

A great example of this would be the summary of a story. Take the story of Disney’s “Mulan”. In the movie, it showed that women could be powerful, too. The story also points out those women aren’t just for show. It also hints about the power of parental love and the love of a child to his or her parents. In summarizing, you must exclude the unneeded factors. In the example above, you do not have to say, “Mulan ate rice porridge in her tent.” It is both irrelevant to the idea and misleading. You have to gauge the story. Read the speech and the content so that you capture what it aims to say. You become comprehensive as well as reliable in your writing. But remember to not overuse this technique. It has the same effect as quotations and paraphrases. So, flooding your text with these isn’t recommended. Academic paraphrasing service can be very helpful for this purpose!

professional paraphrasing essay serviceHow Does a Paraphrasing Service Use These to Their Advantage?

You can actually use these things all at the same time. Just be sure to attribute it to the correct person. It can give gravity to your statements and help you prove a point. Some points can be obscure and hard to give a definition to. As such, you have quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing to help you out.

You should avoid using them at certain times, though. Try to not use them in moments where you need to express yourself. If you do, it will make your statements weak. The readers will think that you cannot express yourself much so you turn to others for help. Personal statements and other forms of self-expressive writing must not use much of these three.

Overall, the use of the three idea grabbers is very helpful! Never forget to attribute what you wrote to the people who said them to avoid any issues.

Seek the help of a paraphrasing service! Don’t let your writing go to waste!