Plagiarism and How to Avoid It: A Step by Step Guide

Stealing Someone’s Content in Today’s World

What is plagiarism and how to avoid it? Nowadays, stealing the ideas or content of others has become quite easier for people. On the other hand, finding the plagiarized content from such copied work is another easy to do task for the plagiarism detectors, as people don’t even bother with paraphrasing plagiarism. This act of fraud is widely increasing all over the world due to disinterest or no steps taken by governments of different regions. This is the era when people don’t leave any stone unturned to get their work done in the shortest possible time.

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However, these kinds of frauds can’t be hidden for long. Every 6 out of 10 people are involved in committing this unlawful act in the present time. There is no doubt that plagiarism and infringement of copyrights are increasing every passing day. This needs to be controlled by the ministries of education in all over the world. It is said that using other’s written or created content is crime in many countries and people also get punishment for it. However, some nations don’t pay full attention to this unethical activity.

Reasons to Avoid Infringement of Copyright

There are plenty of reasons that give valid justifications for neglecting plagiarism. One of such reasons is to get good and desired grades and to develop good rapport in front of the teachers. This shows the proper source of the cited quote. Secondly, you can have the best writing skills with ability to make content unique.

What Do Experts Say: Tips on How to Avoid Plagiarism

In writing of various types of papers, you need to know the exact method of writing unique content. So how can students avoid plagiarismHere are the tips on how to avoid plagiarism that will be valuable for everyone to get ample info about piracy.

  • Rewrite the content by adding synonyms and changing the structure of sentences.
  • Get the copied/published content of the other language (not the one that you’ll use) and translate that through an online translation software.
  • The use of quotation marks is suggested to avoid plagiarism in the content. However, it is only allowed if you’re required to make no changes in the specified part of content i.e. quotes. Adding someone’s saying or quote that can’t be changed becomes free of plagiarism by using quotation marks.
  • If you are working on an academic report or any assignment, the rule of citation is definitely justified to cope with this problem. Secondly, this is the standard and approved method of copying content only in case if it is needed.
  • Use of passive voice sentences can also be helpful in avoiding the plagiarism. However, this is not an acceptable way of making the text content unique. Many students rely on this way to avoid their text from getting detected by any plagiarism software.

How to Avoid Plagiarism in Academic Writing

There are no doubts about the effectiveness of multiple ways for avoiding plagiarism. Many people want to know about it and mostly ask how to avoid plagiarism in academic writing. The answer is simple:

  • Keep the sources cited of every quote you add in the content. Make sure that the citation must be added in the appropriate way.
  • Don’t forget to use quotations for showing each sentence unique from other.
  • When the phrasing is unique or strengthen one’s argument, choose to quote an author’s exact words.

How to Avoid Plagiarism in Writing

The one and only justifiable method of avoiding plagiarism and making the content more unique is only possible through rewriting. The process of rewording is helpful in making the content 100% unique and best to read. This fresh content is definitely best to accept or approve earlier. For writing any type of content, your first preference must be the rephrasing for keeping the text more unique. It is suggested that you study the actual process of rewriting by following the tutorials available on the internet or using professional paraphrasing service.

This can help in learning the exact process of rewording each sentence in an appropriate manner. There is no doubt that rewriting is a simple task indeed. However, many people find it tough and therefore, they go for various online content spinning software or spinners. This is definitely not advised in many cases. Therefore, you should try to do it in the correct way by learning the method of rewriting. This can all be quite easy if you are dedicated to learning rewriting process.

Quoting and Adding References

The two most important factors to stop your content from getting caught by plagiarism detector are references and quotations. Once you learn the actual way of using both of these elements, you would be able to generate error-free and uncopied content. In the end, there should be a proper list of references given in your paper.

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Plagiarism in content is enough to spoil your entire professional or educational career. This is highly unethical act that shouldn’t be accepted in any condition. However, the adding citation and quotations in academic papers is mandatory requirement and never considered as copyright infringement. It is highly suggested that you read all the important tips and recommendations by experts to avoid stealing the other’s content unintentionally. Sometimes, we steal other’s idea or content with no intention and it creates lots of trouble. Therefore, the best way is to study about plagiarism in detail and try to follow the shared tips to make your written content 100% unique. It is definitely possible if you show dedication towards going against piracy/plagiarism.

Now that you know what is plagiarism and how to avoid it, you’ll be able to come with only original writing!