The State of Plagiarism in USA Today

Increasing Practices of Plagiarism in America

America is one of the developed nations in terms of education. Millions of students excel in their professions because of excellent quality of education in the state. There is no doubt that copying the content owned by others is a crime. However, some nations take strict actions against it. Stealing the ideas, concepts, content or anything owned by others is known as plagiarism.

Although, the USA government isn’t leaving any stone unturned to combating against the people who’re contributing in actions of plagiarism. The students of numerous less popular or new colleges/universities actually attempt plagiarism. They don’t get training or lectures about plagiarism straight after becoming part of the institution. The figures after conducting recent survey in US shows that:

plagiarism in usa statistics

Plagiarism Today in USA

These days, the universities and colleges in the United States of America are facing a lot of trouble in the form of plagiarism. However, all the latest tools and software are also being used to spot the major errors and copied parts of content. America is a superpower that claims to fight and confront all types of challenges with no hassle. However, this issue is getting worse as the students don’t feel too much worried about getting trapped by attempting such unlawful act. Although, there are many schools where the students are taught about avoiding this unlawful act. Secondly, many school-going pupils get the training of avoiding plagiarism through practical implementations. The teachers mostly assign a task to students for rephrasing a certain amount of text. This is how, they can become able to write unique content by building confidence of doing it all personally.

Plagiarism Nowadays: Comparison with the Past Situation

If we compare the state of plagiarism in America with the previous times, the drastic increase has been seen in the students. American students are relying more on copying the content in conducting the academic papers. Millions of students in colleges and universities have different mentalities regarding stealing the published content. However, many of the students prefer creating content by themselves or get use of online rewriter. Imitation of content is an unethical act that has various penalties and charges for the committers.

Important Reasons of Plagiarism Today

In the United States of America, the rate of plagiarism is getting higher and higher evening the schools. There are some major reasons of such drastic rise of cases of plagiarism in America. Have a look at these reasons:

  • The improper attention of teachers towards improving writing skills of the students.
  • The lack of interest of the students force them to go for the contributing in the plagiarism activities.
  • The students who lose hopes for getting grades also tend to stop writing assignments or projects by themselves.

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What Actions Should Be Taken to Overcome This Issue?

There are numerous ways to overcome this issue. The rise in rate of plagiarism is being handled by the existing government through many ways. However, there are some useful ways to face this challenge in a wiser manner.

  1. There should be the strict actions taken by the government for the guilty ones. People who become part of such unethical actions should be charged strict penalties.
  2. The use of advanced tools and software is highly suggested instead of relying on the less trusted tools.
  3. United States is one of the developed nations in the world. It can’t be so much difficult for the government to impose strict restrictions on the students in case of getting engaged to this unlawful activity. The population of America is educated and they are aware of this illegal activity. Therefore, it will be easier to find the students and even professionals who are involved in committing plagiarism.
  4. If any professional or known personality was caught engaged to this act, this can become easier to punish by spoiling their fame and popularity. They will lose their credibility and people would never trust them especially in terms of believing on their written text content.
  5. Government should use a standard tool (linked with the database of government) and allow all the institutions (colleges and universities) to use it for spotting plagiarized content. This can help the authorities to keep record of the students and their amount who’ve engaged to this unlawful action. This can be a great idea to overcome this issue in United States.

Popular Cases of Plagiarism

There are plenty of personalities who’ve been accused as guilty for contributing in actions of plagiarism. These are J. K Rowling, Helen Keller, Barack Obama, Jane Goodall, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Dan Brown and E.L.James.

famous people accused of plagiarism

Plagiarism is an unlawful and unethical act performed by both students and professionals. The important point here is to take strict actions to fight with such corruption in the education sector by the students. There is still more need of paying attention to such activities by the students. In America, you are supposed to avoid attempting such actions. In the upcoming years, the rate of situations related to piracy would reach the ninth cloud in case of neglecting this issue. Therefore, it is important to focus on this issue other than anything before.

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