What Are the Main Reasons for Plagiarism by Students Today?

Little Overview of the Plagiarism

The piracy and plagiarism is one of the unlawful acts performed by the students and even professionals (writers) from all over the world. Plagiarism in USA is slowly but steady permeating more schools and universities across the country. Nowadays, there are many simple ways to steal or copy someone’s content. These ways make it hassle-free to imitate the content. However, numerous other ways to spot the copied text have also been developed to stop people from contributing to such unethical actions. Plagiarism can be of different kind of things i.e. written text content, ideas and even the specific words. But what are the reasons for plagiarism by students?

Difficulties Confronting Students When Writing Academic Paper

The academic papers and journals are not simple to conduct. One paper can either take two months or even a year to be completed. It all depends upon data collection and following the exact format. There are plenty of mistakes that students face when creating academic papers:

Reasons for Plagiarism

Though plagiarism is an issue that is not addressed often enough, it is explored enough to name the reasons of why people commit this act:

  • The lack of information and inadequate knowledge is one of the major reasons for plagiarism.
  • Students who don’t practice for writing regularly face this issue and decide to prefer copying the text content not wanting to try paraphrasing research paper themselves.
  • Improper command of English language is another reason that force students to focus on stealing other’s content.
  • Lack of time and difficulties in managing it properly is another reason to copy the content. Many students find it hard to write the content by themselves due to burden of other assignments and tasks. Therefore, they go for stealing other’s content without any hesitation.
  • Lack of interest is another reason. Sometimes, people get opportunities to learn but they don’t show any interest towards it. Therefore, they end up in copy pasting policy without the fear of disapprovals and rejections. This is the major problem faced by many teachers. The non-serious attitude of students mostly create trouble for teachers to stop them from being engaged to this unlawful activity.

quote about originality and plagiarism

Wrong Quoting and Paraphrasing

Students mostly make a lot of mistakes in saving their text from getting plagiarized. Some of the major reasons are paraphrasing and quoting. These blunders are clear to spot and students should try learn both processes properly. The lack of knowledge and inappropriate learning related to quoting and paraphrasing are major reasons of committing these mistakes. The proper methods and ways of adding quotations and rephrasing are available in online tutorials and guides. You should read such articles or watch videos for making improvement in it.

How Can Students Avoid Plagiarism?

There are variety of ways to catch or spot the copied text content before submitting the draft for final approval. Have a look at these important ways that tell how students can avoid plagiarism.

  • First of all, you need to read the whole content from beginning to the end. Try to read it out loud and then spot the errors to underline each mistake. After that, use your online or installed plagiarism detecting software for the best results.
  • Use of passive voice sentences is the simple way to rewrite sentence by showing 100% uniqueness of the content. However, it is not the ideal solution for keeping your text content free from the copied text.
  • More use of synonyms and changing structure of sentences are also best to reword the content. However, this is not quite suggested way indeed. Sometimes, the software detect copied material due to replicating the order of text and replacement of few phrases.
  • The sources of every cited sentence need to be added. This should be the date of published journal and author’s name written under the parenthesis. Citation is the ideal process to save your written content from showing plagiarism.
  • Get two to three main words from each sentence and use them to create a new sentence with same meaning. Make sure that you have good grasp of English language to recreate each sentence properly. This is the advanced method used by professional authors for rewriting and paraphrasing text content. You don’t need to take more than three words for rewriting each sentence. This is the best way that can develop best quality of your document’s text. It will be highly useful for you.
  • There is a trick of rewriting text content to avoid plagiarism. You shouldn’t rely only on one article for rewording the text. Rely on various posts and choose one paragraph from each article to develop your own article.

Knowing the reasons for plagiarism by students might help you to avoid it in your academic writing!