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Academic paraphrasing is not exactly easy to do. After all, you often have to take a very complex text and somehow turn it into your own words while avoiding plagiarism. And we all know why is it important not to plagiarize, right? It can often be a struggle to do this while retaining the original meaning of the text, and for this reason, a number of students resort to academic paraphrasing tools. But how accurate are they?

Ideal Tools for Paraphrasing

These are the best paraphrasing tools to keep in mind. Share these tools with others too. Such paraphrasing tools online are worth to use.

  • Small search engine optimization tool: a loose rewriting device that scans your content material for words that may be changed with a synonym.
  • Chimp rewriter: the developers of this device say it is the first rewriting engine that really is aware of the structure of sentences and paragraphs.
  • Content professor: it is a popular paraphrase website and consists of a multilingual word list. You can use this tool to get the work done in no time for sure.
  • Spinner leader: gives each an unfastened and paid model. The paid option gives extra features.
  • The high-quality spinner: a quick tool that is straightforward to apply. Its capabilities consist of a cloud-primarily based glossary and automatic full sentence rewriting capability.

Pros of Using Paraphrasing Tools

Online paraphrasing tools can come in really handy if you’re in a rush to finish an assignment and time is running out. You simply enter the text into a small box, click “Paraphrase”, and the text will be turned into your own words – or, rather, the tools’ own words. Academic paraphrasing tools are also useful for anyone for whom English is a second language. If this is the case for you, you might well be struggling to come up with alternatives for certain words. In this scenario, paraphrasing tools online are your friend.

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Paraphrasing tools are also more advanced than ever, and many are designed using state of the art software. This means the paraphrased text is more original than ever, as well as more linguistic. The text also flows better. Paraphrasing tools online also help you to guard against plagiarism, giving you peace of mind when you hand in your paper that you haven’t copied someone else’s words

Cons Of Using Paraphrasing Tools Online

Whilst paraphrasing tools are more sophisticated than ever before, they still don’t always do a fantastic job at mimicking correct syntax and sentence structure. Often, the text can come out a little bit clunky and it can look jarring. In such times, it often looks as though the text has been written by a tool as opposed to an actual human.

Paraphrasing tools are also not going to be 100% accurate every time, which means you will need to carry out extensive proofreading and copy editing to make sure that you iron out the mistakes. After all, you don’t want to be handing in a paper that is riddled with errors.

Why Paraphrasing Academic Online Tools Just Don’t Work

Overall, paraphrasing academic online tools should only be used in an extreme emergency. If you have an academic paper that needs handing in, you should be wary of using an online paraphrasing tool to reword your text. The worst that can happen is that your text looks jarring and makes little sense to the reader. As an academic, your sentence structure needs to flow naturally.

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