The Best Paraphrase Tools Overview

Paraphrasing is not exactly easy. We have all tried it, but many of us have floundered. After all, you have to somehow change the words of the original text whilst retaining the original meaning. Difficult! The great news is that there are a number of paraphrase tools available on the Internet to help you out when you paraphrase a paragraph. Let’s take a look.

Your Paraphraser Tools

Automatic Paraphrase Tools

Automatic paraphrase tools are always free, and a quick search on Google usually leads you to the best ones. Automatic paraphrase tools use algorithms to replace the key words in your original text with synonyms in order to extract the fundamental meaning of the source without copying it outright.

Whilst an automatic paraphrase tool is free and convenient, it does not always guarantee 100% accuracy and you may need to carry out your own proof-reading afterwards. However, they are ideal for websites who want to paraphrase blog posts. You also have to make sure that you are not guilty of plagiarism whilst ensuring that the new text isn’t total mumbo-jumbo that makes no sense.

Manual English Paraphrasing Tool

A manual English paraphrasing tool mostly always costs a small fee. They are provided by professional paraphrasing services who are home to professional writers. For an affordable fee, these writers will paraphrase your original documents. Unlike automatic paraphraser tools, manual paraphrase tools are far likelier to always guarantee 100% accuracy, and they usually come with free plagiarism checks, as well as free proof-reading features.

How to Choose the Best Paraphrase ToolsCheck The Grammar Of The Site

paraphrase toolsManual paraphrase services are provided by professional writers. As such, the text on the website itself should be written in perfect, flowing English. If it is riddled with grammatical errors, you should take this as a warning sign.

Try It Out!

paraphraser toolAn automatic paraphraser tool is either going to be good or average. Before you send your rewritten document off, why not try a few different tools first before deciding which one is the best? After all, they’re free!

Google Rankings

english paraphrasing toolMore often than not, the best tools are the ones that are at the top of Google’s search results. But this is not always the case. If you suspect that a tool is only at the top of Google because it is crammed with keyword stuffing, take this is another warning sign.

Our Paraphraser Tool – Why Choose Us

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