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Ever been asked to paraphrase a document? Found yourself freezing up and asking just what in the heck paraphrasing is exactly? We’ve all been in this situation at some point or another, which is why we’re gonna clue you up on the in’s and out’s of paraphrasing and how to find online paraphrasing help.

Help Paraphrase! – What Is Paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is something of an art. Essentially, when we paraphrase a piece of text we change the keywords, rearrange the sentences and rephrase the paragraphs whilst retaining the fundamental meaning of the piece. In this way, we aren’t copying the original text (and consequently aren’t guilty of plagiarism), but neither are we losing the source meaning. Paraphrasing, then, is the art of turning something into your own words.

Free Help Paraphrasing – Where And How To Search For Help

Google Is Your Friend

There is no easier way to find free help paraphrasing online than via Google. Be careful, though; whilst it’s easy to assume that the number 1 online paraphrasing help website listed on Google is going to the best paraphrasing site EVER, it could be number 1 on Google simply because the web designers have stuffed their site with keywords in a bid to drive traffic to your site. So, trust Google but also exercise some caution.

Ask For Help!

A really smart way of finding a professional free help paraphrasing website is by asking for help. For instance, you could open a topic on Yahoo! Answers and ask the online community where the best paraphrasing websites are. Users will offer their experience and informed opinions to lead you in the right direction.

Our Help Paraphrase Service

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