What Is Self Plagiarism and How to Avoid It

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The Self Plagiarism Nowadays

There is no doubt that plagiarism has reached the next level in the last decade. It is because of higher progress in technology sector that has made it easier for getting involved in such activities. The spin software and online reworder tools have definitely made it simpler for students to steal the content by making little modifications in it. These days, the 65% people/students don’t feel any reluctance in using spinning tools to turn the copied content into a unique form.

Copying the content and its trend is increasing in all over the world. However, when you steal your personally written text, it is considered as more embarrassing. This shows that you’re capable of writing the content by yourself but still copy due to any reason. People who engage to such unlawful act are mostly punished by the teachers in universities and colleges. Such kind of plagiarism isn’t considered as unethical in the professional writing.

Define Self Plagiarism

When the portion of one’s personal work is reused without citing the actual work or acknowledging it is actually known as self-plagiarism. This is becoming quite common these days among the students and even professionals. It is sometimes also referred to be as fraud of recycling. This is not a new activity performed by students and even professionals. Few decades ago, people had used to steal or copy other’s content in manual writing. The procedure was same but time-consuming indeed. These days, the single click allows people to get and copy the required information for pasting on their so-called self-written documents.

This Is How You Can Stop It – Is This Possible When You Work on the Same Topic Repeatedly?

There are many ways to stay away from stealing someone’s content. It is definitely possible and many people rely upon these tricks to you simply need to use the quote exactly the way it appears when quoting a source. You can also avoid this unlawful act by adding citations to the content. Rephrasing is another best way to get over this issue. When working on the same topic repeatedly, you simply have to use synonymous words/phrases and change the structure of same sentences. In short, only rephrasing online a paragraph can be helpful in this issue.

Adding citation in the content is the suggested way to make your content 100% unique. However, there are certain rules for it. All of the text content can’t be included by adding citations. If you’re good at English writing, you can read the content and pick two to three phrases from it. Now, simply write the same sentence in your own words without changing its actual meaning. This sounds difficult but once you start practising it, all will become quite simpler for you indeed.

Why Is Self Plagiarism Wrong?

Why plagiarism is wrong? It is unethical to steal your own content without any hesitation. Therefore, plagiarism can’t be said as an ethical activity in any condition. There are many reasons that show plagiarism as an unlawful act. First of all, you try to imitate the work done by yourself by putting all of the efforts in making it unique and best. The most important thing that makes plagiarism unethical is to find the published or used content for reusing it. This act makes the way of committing this unlawful action. This can only be realized if someone steals your written text.

People don’t feel any reluctance in adding plagiarized content in their assignments. Self-plagiarism is definitely similar to copying other’s created content. Therefore, you don’t need to take it lightly at all. If you think that there is no issue in engaging to the act of self-plagiarism, you are actually out of knowledge. This can’t only create lots of trouble for you but also affects personal credibility as well.

How Can You Plagiarize Yourself?

This is quite simple. Using your own previously created content by hiding it within the unique work makes it possible to commit self-plagiarism. This is an act that allows you to cheat on others or your teachers by imitating your own work. But what is considered to be an acceptable level of previously written text that you can use. Well, the opinions differ here.

People who’re engaged to such unlawful activities don’t think about the consequences indeed. It is considered as a crime in many countries and people also get penalties for getting involved in such activities. Some nations impose financial charges on the committers and some countries send such people to jail for imprisonment.

Factors to Justify

However, copying the content is not always a strict “NO”. There are instances when you can take a part of your previous writing:

  • When it becomes important to reuse the same previously created content, you can get permission from your teacher for imitating it.
  • Use of quotation marks for quoting any copied content is definitely justifiable. This never shows plagiarism in online software. However, it is also permitted if allowed by your instructor.

self plagiarism apa helpSelf Plagiarism APA

American Psychological Association has some perspective about self-plagiarism. According to it, when you decide to practice the personal old used work is referred to be as self-plagiarism. The self-plagiarism APA has no other definition or explanation indeed. It is the way of attempting unlawful act of stealing personal content, concepts, ideas or words in an intelligent manner.

The self-plagiarism can be done if you get full consent of doing it by the second party (who will accept or reject it). You can make it ethical or lawful by focusing on this point. Otherwise, hiding the fact of stealing your own content is absolutely a crime which can have negative consequences as well.

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