20 Reasons Why You Should Not Plagiarize and Try To Write in Your Own Words

Why Is It Important Not to Plagiarize?

Every seven out of ten students want to get answer for why is it important not to plagiarize. But the few unimportant reasons available on other webpages don’t seem helpful for them. For every student, it is necessary to be aware of all the major and small reasons of not attempting plagiarism and stick with original writing. These days, more than 80% of the students don’t even bother to get in-depth information about ways of avoiding plagiarism. The unique content always grab attention of readers and you can get assurance of your work’s approval in case of write it all by yourself. Pew Research Center shared the following statistics:

plagiarism statistics

Another important fact needs to be shared with all of the writers. 50% students of the universities in all over the world are actually unfamiliar of the exact methods/ways for detecting plagiarism. They are only aware of the online tools and programs for spotting the copied content. This is considered as the easiest way of spotting the plagiarized content.

Reasons That Show Why Is It Wrong to Plagiarize?

There are plenty of reasons that explain why is it wrong to plagiarize. Have a look at these 20 reasons that tell you to stop plagiarism and start writing by yourself.

  1. A writer gets full confidence of creating the content by him/herself.
  2. It helps you to get full practice of doing it again by yourself.
  3. All of your assignments would be approved if you haven’t created them by stealing someone’s content.
  4. You can live with peace of mind and satisfied by creating the content without making any plagiarism.
  5. In case of trying to commit this act, you can face many difficulties i.e. penalties by charging money or imprisonment etc.
  6. It can be highly beneficial for you in the long-term. You can’t always rely on copying other’s content or ideas.
  7. The good quality of your writing with the great improvement in vocabulary are guaranteed through self-creation of content.
  8. You can learn various ways of avoiding the plagiarism through it.
  9. There won’t be any need of buying plagiarism detection software to check your content’s uniqueness.
  10. You won’t have to get low grades and confronting embarrassment by committing plagiarism.
  11. Develops better understanding of the content by improving your learning power.
  12. It helps to improve your writing skills with the repetitive practice.
  13. All the serious and negative consequences of plagiarism can be avoided by creating the content with no plagiarism.
  14. The original work demonstrates scholarly and academic integrity. You can retain as much information as you can by learning about different subjects.
  15. Whatever you write, the major advantage will be the proper understanding of material.
  16. You can be able to share opinions, feelings and thoughts in a great manner. It is necessary to teach you right way of sharing personal thoughts.
  17. You can contribute and create new meaning of the content.
  18. There is no need to search for best online free plagiarism detection tools if you’re unable to afford paid ones.
  19. Writing personally builds the strong thinking ability.
  20. Practice of writing can help you to think out of the box and getting good grades in exams.

Consequences of Plagiarism

When author rights are involved, ther situation is bound to have a bad outcome. Here are some of the consuquences plagiarism can lead to:

  • It can lead to the penalties and imprisonment.
  • You can get low grades. This will definitely result in facing embarrassment in front of everyone. Once your impression get spoiled in sight of a teacher, it would be hard to get it back.
  • Nobody would trust on your future pieces of writings. All of your written content would be remain doubtful indeed.
  • Nobody wants to face penalties or punishment by paying specified amount of cash. This is possible if you are caught for committing this unethical activity.
  • The lack of opportunities for getting desired jobs would become your future. You won’t be able to get best chances for landing ideal jobs.

Major Advice from Experts

Every expert author who is against the plagiarism or piracy would suggest you to avoid relying on even various types of hacks for it. For instance, the use of spin software is getting higher. You should stop depending upon such cheap and useless programs. It is also an illegal activity. Secondly, there are numerous spin content detection tools available as well on the internet. People who try to replicate the content by replacing few words are also included in the guilty individuals. Therefore, you should never use such tricks for portraying that your written content is unique and free from even 1% copied content.


Plagiarism is not acceptable whether you do it purposefully or unintentionally. Many students don’t feel any reluctance in stealing other’s content or ideas. Indeed, this is an unlawful act that is not tolerated at all. People who think that being part of this activity can give them fruitful results are living in dark. Everyone who steals someone’s content is definitely caught at once. Therefore, you can’t think of committing this act many times. Otherwise, the consequences will be beyond your expectations. It’s better to start doing it by yourself rather than contributing to any activity of plagiarism. All the mentioned 20 reasons for not stealing other’s content/ideas show greater benefits of writing by yourself. But the quiestion is, how to avoid plagiarism in writing?

There you have reasons why you should not plagiarize. Form now on, stay safe from attempting this unethical act.