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Why Would You Need Help with a Case Study Paraphrase?

A case study is a piece of research on a particular group or situation. As with any other research paper your work will need to be written up to a very high standard. Sometimes, however, you will have a need for case study paraphrasing. This is either to rewrite your whole paper or parts of it so that you can improve the writing or target a different audience or even to paraphrase information to include in your literature review. Whatever your reasons are for paraphrasing you will want to ensure that you do it well. This is why so many students will look for our online paraphrasing helper.

Case study rewriting should always maintain the same meaning but should be in your own totally unique words if plagiarism is to be avoided. Most, however, find that they struggle with avoiding to use the original phrasing from the case study or that they change the meaning in some manner. Many tutors today use Turnitin or other plagiarism detection software. So it is very important that your writing is always plagiarism-free. The Josephson Institute Center for Youth Ethics reported that 1 in 3 students have plagiarized a report or paper online; with today’s software, you are going to almost certainly get caught.

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How Should You Conduct Your Case Study Paraphrasing?

Case study rewriting is not about swapping words for synonyms or changing the order of the sentences around. Paraphrasing is about understanding and being able to present an idea in your own words. So if you want to paraphrase a case study you will want to follow this advice:

  • Read the original piece of writing so that you are sure that you fully understand all aspects of what has been written. If you don’t understand it then you will not be able to paraphrase it.
  • Make notes of all of the points that are raised within the case study. Write those notes in your own words rather than copying what is written in the original.
  • Organize those notes into a logical order for rewriting: this may be completely different to the original if it will suit your audience or purpose better.
  • Rewrite the case study with reference only to your notes. Keep in mind who your intended audience is and the reasons for your rewriting.
  • Review your rewritten text and compare it to the source. If you have unintentionally copied any of the original text you should revise it until it is unique.
  • Proofread your newly produced case study to ensure that there are no errors in your writing.

What You Should Avoid When Doing Your Case Study Rewrite

Your case study paraphrase should be free of any plagiarism if you are to stay out of trouble. However, you also need to avoid all of these problems:

  • Missing points when doing your rewriting
  • Adding your own opinions or additional information
  • Changing the information in some way
  • Simply changing words for synonyms

case study rewriting assistanceWhy Work with Our Paraphrase Services?

When you come to us for help we will provide you with a paraphrasing expert that will be postgraduate degree qualified and highly experienced in the subject area of your case study. They will work with you through our service to be able to understand why you want to paraphrase and who your intended audience is. Their paraphrasing will be done manually and will always be unique to you. If you think that anything needs to be changed in the rewritten content then they will make unlimited revisions until you are fully satisfied with your paraphrase. Our professional paraphrase service online will be able to help you to make sure that your case study rewrite will be done perfectly without even a hint of copying.

Not only that you will also get:

  • Free proofreading so that you will not be losing marks overwriting problems
  • On-time delivery of your case study so that no deadlines are missed
  • Pricing that you will be hard-pressed to better for your paraphrasing
  • Satisfaction guarantee on your paraphrased study or your money back

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